Workshop Program

We plan for a half-day (4 hours 15 minutes) virtual workshop with paper submissions (2-9 pages) as position papers, demos, and/or posters focusing on novel concepts, perspectives, or works in progress.

The workshop will take place primarily over Zoom, where we will additionally use Miro for collaborative (synchronous) brainstorming. We will use Slack for offline interaction (before, during, after WS) so that we also maintain contact. Given the four timezones to accommodate between organizers and our keynote speaker, we aim to start in the afternoon in Central European Summer Time.

Our workshop timing: Sunday May 9, JST 22:00-02:15 (next day) / PDT 06:00-10:15 / CEST 15:00-19:15 (UTC+02:00).


5 min. - Warm Up: Login to the virtual workshop (Zoom) and meet all the participants

15 min. - Welcome: Introduce organizers, participants, workshop objectives and schedules

30 min. - Pitch / Flash presentations for Papers, Demos, Posters. Prepared in advance in Google Slides or as pre-recorded video presentations

30 min. - Break (open free-form discussion on Zoom)

5 min. - Join Pre-assigned Groups (annotation or sensing) in Zoom breakout rooms

15 min. - Ideation Session: collaborative Miro board ideation sessions for Annotation (group 1), Sensing (group 2), and Context (group 3)

35 min. - Mapping Session: using Miro boards for Elicitation-Annotation mapping (group 1), Elicitation-Sensing mapping (group 2), and Elicitation-Context (group 3).

15 min. - Break

15 min. - Summarize Discussions: Each group makes 1-2 slides to summarize their mapping results

15 min. - Group Presentations: Each group gives a 5 minutes presentation of the discussion results to main plenary

15 min. - Break

30 min. - Keynote presentation by Prof. Mohammad Soleymani titled “Machine Understanding of Emotional Expressions” [09:15 PDT]

10 min. - Q&A

5 min. - Break

15 min. - Wrap Up: Summarize the workshop, actions on follow-up activities, and take virtual group photos