The Dutch Post-CHI event took place in person at Centrum Wiskunde & Informatica (CWI) at the Congress Centre (Eulerzaal) in Amsterdam on Wednesday, June 22, 2022, from 12:30-18:00 CEST, with a follow-up evening program afterward.

What is this Dutch Post-CHI event?

Following the global spirit of meeting fellow HCI folks within a local region, this year CHI NL aims at bringing the HCI community in the Netherlands together after CHI 2022. The goal is to provide an opportunity for researchers to present and discuss their accepted CHI 2022 works in a smaller and cozier manner than what the enormity and madness of the CHI ship allows. We are currently still developing the program, but this will include:

  1. CHI 2022 presentations / posters / demos
  2. Keynote by Steven Pemberton on (a) historical account and activities of CHI NL (b) his recent 2022 SIGCHI practice award
  3. HCI outreach talks (on topics related to CHI Netherlands, trends within CHI, industry focus, etc.)
  4. Informal social chat and networking + borrel :)

Join us for a full day event of exciting CHI 2022 talks, networking, and collective reflection with fellow HCI researchers in the Netherlands. Everyone from students to professors to industry practitioners to artists is welcome.

How to participate

Anyone is free to attend, without being required to submit or present anything. If you wish to present, your presentation(s) can be informal, and we won’t ask you to invest any extra effort on top of what you have already done for the CHI conference. Feel free to re-use existing slides or a poster, or just free-form talk about your work and answer questions.

If you would still like to participate as an attendee, please get in touch by email.

Directions to CWI

How to reach CWI by public transport
How to reach CWI by car

The event will take place at the Congress Centre adjacent to the CWI main entrance.


Code of Conduct

Read our Code of Conduct.


EventCHI Team

Ujwal Gadiraju - TU Delft
Thomas Kosch - Utrecht University
Lisa Koeman - Elsevier
Himanshu Verma - TU Delft
Abdallah El Ali - CWI

Local Chairs

Christel van Dam - CWI
Abdallah El Ali - CWI


For any additional questions, please contact the EventCHI NL team (event[dot]chinl[at]gmail[dot]com).