Pre-CHI Event @ CWI

Please register by March 6, 2020.



11:00 - Welcome & Coffee

11:30 - Paper Session 1 (Session chair: Pablo Cesar)

  • RCEA: Real-time, Continuous Emotion Annotation for Collecting Precise Mobile Video Ground Truth Labels. Tianyi Zhang (CWI / TU Delft), Abdallah El Ali (CWI), Chen Wang (Xinhuanet), Alan Hanjalic (TU Delft), Pablo Cesar (CWI / TU Delft)

  • ThermalWear: Exploring Wearable On-chest Thermal Displays to Augment Voice Messages with Affect. Abdallah El Ali (CWI), Xingyu Yang (TU Delft), Swamy Ananthanarayan (Uni Oldenburg), Thomas Röggla (CWI), Jack Jansen (CWI), Jess Hartcher-O’Brien (TU Delft), Kaspar Jansen (TU Delft), Pablo Cesar (CWI / TU Delft)

  • Improving Worker Engagement Through Conversational Microtask Crowdsourcing. Sihang Qiu (TU Delft), Ujwal Gadiraju (TU Delft), Alessandro Bozzon (TU Delft)

12:30 - Lunch

13:30 - Paper Session 2 (Session chair: Abdallah El Ali)

  • Color and Animation Preferences for a Light Band eHMI in Interactions Between Automated Vehicles and Pedestrians. Dey, Debargha (TU Eindhoven), Habibovic, Azra (RISE Gothenburg), Pfleging, Bastian (TU Eindhoven/ LMU Munich), Martens, Marieke (TU Eindhoven), Terken, Jacques (TU Eindhoven)

  • WindowWall: Towards Adaptive Buildings with Interactive Windows as Ubiquitous Displays. Patrick Bader (Uni. Stuttgart), Alexandra Voit (Uni. Stuttgart), Huy Viet Le (Uni. Stuttgart), Paweł W. Woźniak (Uni Utrecht), Niels Henze (Uni. Regensburg), Albrecht Schmidt (LMU Munich)

  • The Effects of Explicit Intention Communication, Conspicuous Sensors, and Pedestrian Attitude in Interactions with Automated Vehicles. Ackermans, Sander (TU Eindhoven), Dey, Debargha (TU Eindhoven), Ruijten, Peter (TU Eindhoven), Cuijpers, Raymond H (TU Eindhoven), Pfleging, Bastian (TU Eindhoven)

14:30 - Late Breaking Works Session

  • Designing Real-time, Continuous Emotion Annotation Techniques for 360° VR Videos. Tong Xue (CWI / Beijing Institute of Technology), Surjya Ghosh (CWI), Gangyi Ding (Beijing Institute of Technology), Abdallah El Ali (CWI), Pablo Cesar (CWI / TU Delft)

  • Designing a Social VR Clinic for Remote Consultation. Jie Li (CWI), Guo Chen (TU Delft), Huib de Ridder (TU Delft), Pablo Cesar (CWI / TU Delft)

  • Towards Improving Emotion Self-report Collection using Self-reflection. Surjya Ghosh (CWI), Bivas Mitra (IIT Kharagpur), and Pradipta De (Georgia Southern University)

15:30 - Coffee Break

16:00 - HCI Outreach Session

  • Lars Lischke (Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam)
  • Gerd Korteum (Delft University of Technology)
  • Minha Lee (Eindhoven University of Technology)
  • XYZ (Utrecht University)

16:30 - Distributed & Interactive Systems (DIS) lab visit

17:00 - Wrap Up

17:30 - Drinks & Dinner

  • Location: TBA